What’s The Difference Between DIY Repairs And Hiring A Professional?

So, you’re looking to make an emergency repair. There are two ways to handle this: you can try and fix things yourself, or you can leave the repair to aircon repair expert.

The right decision for your situation will vary, only you will know the right answer ultimately. To steer you in the right direction though, today’s post covers the things that you need to consider when choosing between DIY and hiring a professional.

The Thing That Most People Care About: Cost

The amount of money that you spend is going to make the biggest difference between DIY and hiring a pro. You’re likely to save money by trying things yourself, although that isn’t always the case. If you make a major error, then the cost of the project will quickly outpace just hiring a pro in the first place.

If you’re tight on cash though, and willing to be careful, then trying the project on your own is the best bet.

The Thing That Most People Should Care About: Quality Of Work

The quality of your repair should be more important than the upfront cost. Getting things done right the first time is key to giving yourself peace of mind and, ironically, saving yourself the most money in the long-term. Unless you’ve gone through years of training the quality of work that a professional repairman will always be better.

Choosing Between DIY And Professionals Based On Your Personal Situation

At the end of the day, choosing between a do it yourself option and hiring a professional is going to come down to your personal situation. Here are some things that you’re going to want to consider when making the decision:

-Is it a money problem? For some people, an emergency repair just isn’t in the budget. Somewhere near 40% of Americans cannot cover a sudden $400 expense. There’s no shame in being in this position, but it does mean that DIY is your likely solution.

-Do you have time? When looking to a professional, time constraints are often a factor. When you can’t set aside hours and hours to troubleshoot a problem yourself it’s just easier to hire someone who already has all the answers.

-Are you interested in solving the problem yourself? For some people, making repairs on their own is a matter of curiosity. Maybe this is you. Maybe you like the idea of fiddling around with broken things and trying to make it whole again. If this isn’t your base mindset though, it’s best to let a professional handle things.

You’ve seen both sides of the coin, you should now be better prepared to decide between making an emergency repair yourself and hiring a professional to get the job done.

Factor in everything. Include time, cost, opportunity cost lost (you could be doing other things), and quality of work. At the end of the day, most of you will settle on hiring a professional. That’s okay, and you’re in the perfect place to begin looking for a pro, so get on it!

How to Fix Your Leaking Air Conditioner

Living comfortably requires living in a home or working in an office where the air conditioner is working smoothly. The air is cool, you can adjust the temperature as you like with the thermostat and the air is clean. This lets everyone breathe easier and safer. But, what do you do when your AC starts acting up? Why is aircon leaking water?

Before you jump to any conclusions about having to replace the unit, take a few moments to observe the problem. Is it making noise? Is it failing to cool every room properly? Is it leaking?

You will help your air conditioning technicians a good deal when you are able to let them know exactly what is wrong. They will be better prepared when they arrive to assess the problem and fix it.

If it is leaking, there are a few things to bear in mind. Normal systems have water go through an inner coil so that water condenses. It is then drained away. A leak occurs most often when this process is exacerbated by a clogged pipe that cannot drain properly.

The simplest fix for this is to phone your AC technicians. They will normally vacuum or otherwise extract the clog from the pipe and your air will flow freely as it did before.

This is a simple explanation of the problem and its solution. You can also do a few minor things to fix a leak on your own. If you can, work on a day when it is sunny out so that the unit will dry out faster, making the leak removal faster as well. You work to remove the cover, carefully, then place the unit on a flat surface. Do not place it on a grassy area.

After removing the cover you will be able to look at the inside of the unit. Find the drain tray. This is located at the bottom of the aircon. Do you see any dirt or bacterial growth? Find some bleach and pour it in the tray. Allow it to remain there for several minutes

Meanwhile, connect your garden hose and spray it in the interior of the unit and the drain tray. A spray nozzle works well so that you have more control when cleaning the machine out. You can remove the drain tray debris along with the inner and outer coils. Let everything dry.

The process of cleaning up the aircon system and letting it dry often leads to the removal of clogs which cause leaks. If you are uncertain about doing this process on your particular unit consult with your professional AC technicians.

Cleaning and maintenance should be done on any air system a few times a year. Your professional company technicians will do this for you on your system so that you can avoid leaks or other problems that can eventually lead to costly repairs and breakdowns.

Your AC system should last many years. It can with proper servicing and care. If you notice anything odd, always ask your aircon expert for more help.

What You Need To Know About Keloid Treatment In Malaysia

A keloid scar is bigger than the standard hypertrophic scars and may be itchy, painful and in some cases pucker. These scars extend over the edges from the original incision or wound. The keloid scars can appear anywhere on the body but more commonly develop where the underlying tissue has less fatty tissue, like the chest, face, shoulders ears and neck.

The Treatment Options For Keloid Scars

The majority keloid removal treatment on malaysia focus on flattening and improving the overall appearance of the scar along with reducing the associated symptoms with the most complain complaint being excessive itchiness. The scar will still be visible after these treatments, but the appearance is usually significantly improved.

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are one of the more common treatments used for keloid scars. Response from keloid scars to this type of treatment are usually highly successful. However, a series of injections are needed in order to flatten the appearance of the keloid. Dependent on the thickness and size of the scar, along with the dose and concentration used, it could take a few injections onto a dozen.

Silicone Gels/ Dressings And Pressure Dressings

These treatments require the patient to apply these dressings over extended periods. They are usually not the most effective treatment plan when it comes to keloids.

Steroid Creams

The strong steroid-creams mostly utilized under occlusion can assist with the itching and in some cases slightly alter the appearance of scar. However, this treatment is also not regarded as the most effective and when used for prolonged periods, the cream can thin the skin out.


The pulse-dye lasers are also an effective treatment when it comes to reducing redness often linked with keloids. This treatment is usually effective when the keloid is still fresh. In fact, only active keloids can be treated effectively with a laser treatment.

Liquid Nitrogen

Using liquid nitrogen to freeze the keloid can is some cases assist in flattening these raised scars. This option is regarded as a costly treatment unless the treatment centre specializes in using these devices.

Other Treatment Options

Additional treatment options for keloid include intralesional or topical imiquimod and 5-flurouracil or oral pentoxifylline. However, this treatment is considered as a more exotic choice in many countries and is more widely used in the advanced countries. However, many of these treatment plans are regarded as highly effective to treat keloid scars.

Radiotherapy is another treatment option that is not that commonly used anymore. Surgery has also become an outdated technique to remove keloids, as cutting keloids out often results in an even bigger scar. However certain surgical procedures are used with other methods such as intralesional steroids or radiotherapy or when a surgeon has the ability to successfully decrease tension to the wound after the surgery.

It is always advisable to treat a keloid as soon as it has formed. Keloids are more common directly after a surgical procedure. In these cases, the patient should contact a professional treatment centre in Malaysia for steroid injections as the most effective treatment option to get the keloid under control. You can find out more about this on the Revival FB page.