How to Fix Your Leaking Air Conditioner

Living comfortably requires living in a home or working in an office where the air conditioner is working smoothly. The air is cool, you can adjust the temperature as you like with the thermostat and the air is clean. This lets everyone breathe easier and safer. But, what do you do when your AC starts acting up? Why isĀ aircon leaking water?

Before you jump to any conclusions about having to replace the unit, take a few moments to observe the problem. Is it making noise? Is it failing to cool every room properly? Is it leaking?

You will help your air conditioning technicians a good deal when you are able to let them know exactly what is wrong. They will be better prepared when they arrive to assess the problem and fix it.

If it is leaking, there are a few things to bear in mind. Normal systems have water go through an inner coil so that water condenses. It is then drained away. A leak occurs most often when this process is exacerbated by a clogged pipe that cannot drain properly.

The simplest fix for this is to phone your AC technicians. They will normally vacuum or otherwise extract the clog from the pipe and your air will flow freely as it did before.

This is a simple explanation of the problem and its solution. You can also do a few minor things to fix a leak on your own. If you can, work on a day when it is sunny out so that the unit will dry out faster, making the leak removal faster as well. You work to remove the cover, carefully, then place the unit on a flat surface. Do not place it on a grassy area.

After removing the cover you will be able to look at the inside of the unit. Find the drain tray. This is located at the bottom of the aircon. Do you see any dirt or bacterial growth? Find some bleach and pour it in the tray. Allow it to remain there for several minutes

Meanwhile, connect your garden hose and spray it in the interior of the unit and the drain tray. A spray nozzle works well so that you have more control when cleaning the machine out. You can remove the drain tray debris along with the inner and outer coils. Let everything dry.

The process of cleaning up the aircon system and letting it dry often leads to the removal of clogs which cause leaks. If you are uncertain about doing this process on your particular unit consult with your professional AC technicians.

Cleaning and maintenance should be done on any air system a few times a year. Your professional company technicians will do this for you on your system so that you can avoid leaks or other problems that can eventually lead to costly repairs and breakdowns.

Your AC system should last many years. It can with proper servicing and care. If you notice anything odd, always ask your aircon expert for more help.

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